How to make almond milk matcha latte

How to Make Almond Milk Matcha Latte

Making a hot almond milk matcha Latte doesn't take much. You need 4 basic ingredients and it takes no longer than 3 minutes. We are making a sugar-free, keto, and healthy mix with a creamy texture and the familiar earthy flavor. The right way to start your day!

Disclosure: You might seriously fall in-love with this morning recipe


You probably didn't know that making a matcha tea latte at home is probably easier than making coffee. It also saves you the hassle of going to Starbucks and spending 7-8 dollars for mediocre quality matcha. 

That's why we've decided to create a little tutorial on how to make your own while keeping the consistency and the familiar creamy flavor for no more than a $1/cup.

Our matcha drink goes well with plant-based milk and Torani Sugar-Free Coconut Syrup. This matcha latte recipe is perfect for people on a low carb or keto diet.




To make this homemade matcha latte, all you need is 4 simple ingredients: 

  • Matcha powder: This comes ready in a package consisting of Japanese finely ground green tea. It has a slightly bitter flavor and vibrant green color from the leaves’ high chlorophyll levels. You just have to sieve it before adding hot water in order to get it to dissolve more easily. That gives it a smooth finish instead of a clumpy one.
  • Hot water: This helps to dissolve the matcha tea powder more easily. It works best when a small amount is added (just enough to whisk with the tea powder) and then whisked to get rid of clumps. Then more hot water can be added to the cup and mixed well.  
  • Almond milk: Although you can use any milk you have at home, plant-based milks like almond milk and coconut milk make for a dairy-free drink low in carbs while providing good flavor and creaminess.  
  • Torani Sugar Free Coconut Syrup: This is the sweetener of choice, with zero calories per fluid ounce, making it easier to stick to our New Year’s resolutions.


  1. Place a small, fine sieve over a small flat-bottomed bowl or a large teacup. Sieve the matcha powder (a few residues or clumps will remain in the sieve).
  2. Then pour in a small amount of hot water into the bowl or cup.
  3. Whisk in either circular motion or W-pattern to break up any clumps. Pour in the remaining hot water and whisk well. If making a large amount of tea, you may use a large bowl with a flat bottom and an electric hand mixer!
  4. Whisk in the syrup and taste. Add more if needed!
  5. Froth the warm/hot almond milk, using either a clean whisk and separate bowl or a personal blender for smoothies, for about 1 minute or until foamy. Pour in over the matcha tea to fill the cup. 

Here you have it! The best almond milk matcha recipe! 

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