Organic Japanese Matcha Never Looked This Good!

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USDA Organic Vanilla Flavored Matcha Blend Made in Japan

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Organic everything, first harvest, shade-grown green tea leaves from the best, most authentic farms in Japan... with delicious latte mixes to keep it fun... Just like us. :-)


Matcha is a natural source of long-lasting energy & calm clarity

Organic ceremonial & premium grade Japanese matcha made for your daily enjoyment.

  • Studies Show Matcha Improves Gut Health

    Matcha is a finely ground green tea powder made from green tea leaves packed with antioxidants, minerals, ECGCs and acts as a superfood prebiotic.

  • Metabolism Boost for Weight Management

    Studies show that the caffeine and high concentration of catechins in matcha boost your metabolism and aid in fat burning, all while curbing your hunger.

  • Certified As An Antioxidant Superfood

    Some studies have shown matcha to have 137 times the antioxidant count that green tea offers, which defend your body from harmful oxidizing agents (free electrons in the body).

  • Long-Lasting Energy + Mental Clarity / Focus

    The presence of L-theanine in matcha causes the body to absorb the caffeine more gradually throughout the day which acts as a consistent release of calm, intentional energy without the jitters or crash.

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