How to Make Matcha With a Frother? (In less than a minute)

How to Make Matcha With a Frother? (In less than a minute)

 UPDATED DEC 7, 2023 

The Perfect Matcha Latte: A Quick and Easy Guide


Hey there, fellow matcha enthusiasts! It's Karina here, bringing you a delightful and easy way to whip up a delicious matcha latte. Whether you're a matcha novice or a seasoned aficionado, this guide will walk you through creating the perfect cup of antioxidant-rich goodness. Let's dive into the world of matcha and explore a super simple method to make your mornings brighter and tastier!

The frothing way kind of feels like cheating, but it is a great option when you are short on time. I like to enjoy matcha lattes a lot, so the frother froths my milk and I get a nice, creamy froth every time.

Here's What You Will Need:

  • Miaroo Premium Matcha
    • You could choose the original, but I personally fell in love with our Vanilla Latte Mix for the lattes. There is such a nice sweetness to it as well so there is no need to add any other sweetener. This powder is sweetened with natural cane sugar, but it's a mild and warm sweetness.
  • A Miaroo Heated Frother 
  • Milk of choice - oat milk is my go-to for lattes!
  • Wooden teaspoon to measure the desired amount of matcha powder


Why Choose Matcha? Matcha is not just a trendy drink; it's a bundle of health benefits in a cup. Loaded with antioxidants, matcha gives you a unique flavor and an energy boost without the jitters of coffee.

As of now, it may be your go to drink at Starbucks or local coffee shop, but after you see how EASY it is, I'm hoping you take your matcha game to the next level!


Traditional vs. Modern Methods Traditionally, matcha is prepared with a bamboo whisk, which is great for experiencing cultural authenticity. I love that process on a Sunday morning when I can settle into my morning.

But you and I don't always have the luxury of time and sometimes it's just not the vibe. So, for those busy mornings, I've found that using an electric frother is a quick and equally effective way to get that perfect froth.


You likely noticed that I am showcasing the miaroo heated frother here and not the handheld. Both of them would save you time over the traditional method, but the heated frother is an all-in-one process that doesn't need a separate water or milk heating component!

Now, without further ado - let me show you how simple this is!


Step-by-Step Guide to the Frother Method

Making a matcha latte with a frother is incredibly easy:

  1. Measure the Matcha: Start with a heaping teaspoon of your Miaroo Matcha
  2. Add Milk: Pour your choice of milk into the frother.
  3. Add 2g of Miaroo Matcha into the Frother.
  4. Froth Away: Turn on the frother and watch as it creates a creamy, delightful froth. One click for hot, Two clicks for cold.
  5. Pour and Enjoy: Once the frother stops, pour your perfect matcha latte into a cup or a mug.


Well, that's it! Yes, it's that easy, and if you were wondering, the Miaroo Electric Frother incredibly easy to clean.

Using our frother for your matcha might feel like a modern twist and a total cheat, but it's an absolute, no questions asked, game changer. It's quick, efficient, and gives me that perfect creamy froth every time. Give it a try, and I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do!

Lastly, if you've gotten this far, I'd LOVE to see your matcha creations!

Share your experience and any personal twists you add to your matcha latte with us when you get a chance!

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