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The Miaroo Scooper

The Miaroo Scooper

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The All Day Miaroo Frother Kit

Hot Froth: One click to mix AND heat your drink to a cozy 150°F.
Cool Froth: Double press maintains a refreshing cool temperature.
Effortless Cleaning: Magnetic attachments for hassle-free washing.

Miaroo Ceremonial Matcha Kit

Comes with a Premium Matcha Blend of Your Choice!

Chasen: Looking for the most peaceful morning routine? This traditional Japanese bamboo whisk has been used since antiquity to craft authentic matcha tea.
Miaroo Matcha Bowl: Our matcha bowl is the perfect size to incorporate full whisking strokes for up to 6 oz of hot water
Scooper & Spoon: While the Scooper Allows you to easily scoop a 2 gram serving from your Miaroo Matcha bag, the Spoon is perfect for mixing in your matcha your choice of milk or any supplments you may add!

About Miaroo Matcha

Our Organic 2A Ceremonial Grade Premium Matcha is from our lovely farm partners in Kyoto, Japan.

** Higher quality matcha only truly make a difference in tea ceremonies, and would cost far more. 🙏✨

Miaroo Shipping Policy

We ship out all products same or next day. All U.S. orders should arrive no later than 2-4 business days.

So... Why Try Miaroo?


Do you think we make "healthy" less intimidating? Because that's our mission!


As part of our mission, we're making matcha superfoods approachable & delicious!


Incorporate matcha wherever it fits in your life!