Our story is as exciting as any other startup story: two friends + two one-way tickets to Japan and a crazy mission: Finding the best matcha farm in the world.

Matcha is a lot more than a morning caffeine beverage. We traveled East to find the best matcha farms, and we want to make the best out of it. We strive to innovate, and that's why we are constantly finding new ways to "matcha."

Developing a diversified high-quality ceremonial grade matcha mixed with different powdered flavors, canned drinks, and a lot more to come, Miaroo is the leader of the matcha food and beverage industry.

Our mission is matcha innovation. Hundreds of years of a legacy brought to you with the multiple modern and exclusive ways to consume it and enjoy the health benefits while joining a movement.

The Miaroo Matcha Facts

Focused Energy | Curbs Cravings | PACKED with Antioxidants

Taste-Tested Against The Other Japanese Farms (we won)

Best Value on Organic Premium Matcha

USDA & JAS Organic Certified


Vs. Coffee

Makes you anxious, jittery, and unfocused

May lead to upset stomach & bad breath

Makes you crash during meetings


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