Matcha Health Benefits

Matcha Health Benefits

No Crash. No Jitteriness. Just Hydrating Focus.

We've all experienced the caffeine overdose that comes with one sip too many of coffee. Have you ever noticed also that your throat goes dry? or how sometimes you're wired up but not in a way that enables you to focus? and who could forget the crash that comes just before lunch time that drags on until the end of the work day?

Coffee can be a hit-or-miss, but these are the side effects we've grown to accept for the sake of getting through some rougher mornings and 8 AM meetings.

Imagine if you had a healthy, organic alternative to coffee that packed 12 times more antioxidants and nutrients than seeped tea, a third of the caffeine in coffee, and gave you an energy boost that didn't lead to a crash?

Miaroo's organic matcha has a high dose of a rare amino acid called L-theanine which, when paired with caffeine, may induce high focus, clarity, and attention.

Remember that dry throat symptom we talked about earlier with coffee? Matcha is very well known for it's hydrating qualities, often being used as a prime ingredient in some face masks and cleansers.

Start the new year with an easy change in habits and get the most nutrients, focus, and energy out of your day.



• 100% Organic, Premium Stone-Milled Matcha

• Packed with antioxidants including the powerful EGCg (provides potent cancer-fighting properties)

• Boosts metabolism and burns calories while detoxifying and calming the mind and body

• Enhances mood and aids in concentration with NO CRASH OR JITTERINESS

• Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar

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