How to Use Matcha Powder?

How to Use Matcha Powder?

Matcha green tea has been popular in Japan for centuries. Matcha became popular in our culture only recently. There are so many benefits that come from consuming matcha green tea. Besides the increased energy and mental clarity, matcha lovers will notice a more robust immune system and a reduction in anxiety as well. Matcha is loaded with antioxidants that help protect your body against free radicals. Did you know that matcha has also been proven to aid with weight loss? Matcha is considered a superfood, and rightfully so.

This green powder has so much power! If you can incorporate matcha into your diet, you may even ditch the coffee altogether. I have noticed that after I drink my matcha drink, I have enough energy throughout the day and zero crashes. Meaning, that most days, I don't even need an afternoon pick-me-up because I am energized.

What is matcha?

Matcha is a green tea ground powder that derives specifically from specially grown green tea leaves. Matcha is usually grown in Japan and China. There are two types of matcha; ceremonial matcha and culinary matcha. These two types are pretty similar to one another; however, there are some minor differences. Ceremonial matcha is used in traditional tea ceremonies, and it is considered the highest quality matcha that can be found. Ceremonial matcha has a lighter flavor. Culinary grade matcha has a bold taste. You can use this matcha when baking and making matcha lattes and other delicious beverages.

In this article, you will learn the top 15 ways to add matcha into your daily life. There are more than 15 ways, of course, but this is my top 15. Feel free to get creative and come up with other ideas as well.

You can make matcha drinks with a whisk or a frother. You can also use a blender to make smoothies and shakes, sodas, and more.

1. Matcha green smoothie

Matcha Green Smoothie Miaroo

This is a satisfying and refreshing smoothie that you will love. With only 5 ingredients that you probably have at home, this is a winner. All you need is a ripe banana, milk of your choice, matcha powder, leafy greens like spinach and /or kale, ice, and date syrup for that natural sweetness. If you do not have date syrup available, you can add 2-3 pitted dates.

2. Matcha mint lemonade

Matcha mint lemonade

This drink is made with fresh mint leaves, lemons, matcha powder, and agave syrup. This is a refreshing drink that will give an instant energy boost. The lemons will add vitamin C and help to improve digestion.

3. Iced matcha latte

Iced matcha latte

Only three ingredients and less than 5 minutes of your time. All it takes is the milk of choice, natural sweetener if needed, and matcha powder. One tip that I can give you is to prepare it even the night before and tightly seal it in the fridge to enjoy the next morning.

4. Matcha mint iced tea

Matcha mint iced tea

You can is this drink all year long. You will need only ice, water, fresh mint, lime, matcha powder, and a sweetener that you like.

5. Matcha hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate Matcha

This is the perfect beverage for those cold winter mornings. Melt the matcha powder with some hot water and whisk it until it blends. After that, you will need to melt the white chocolate and add it to the matcha. Once that part is done, simply add your hot milk, and there you go!

6. Matcha coco

Matcha Coco Drink

Another hot drink to savor on those chilly days. Matcha powder and cocoa powder blended with a little vanilla extract and milk.

7. Traditional matcha drink

Original Matcha Miaroo

Back to basics because the taste of matcha really is unique and sometimes you just want to taste the earthy matcha. Hot water and a whisk are all you will need.

8. Matcha soda

Matcha Soda

This is a fizzy drink that can replace your soda if you are one to crave the bubbly drinks. All you will need here is matcha powder, sparkling water, sugar, and ice.

9. Pina colada matcha smoothie

Pina colada Matcha

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Is a twist in the class pina colada. This is a great way to enjoy matcha and still feel like you are on vacation. You will need coconut milk( has to be the full fat one none of that nonfat here), matcha powder, fresh pineapple, and ice. If you want to add some liquor you can here and make it a spiked pina colada:) rum would work well in this case.

10. Matcha cold brew

Matcha Cold Brew

Is another classic that is super easy to make. The only things that you will need are cold water, ice, and matcha powder.

11. Matcha green tea cookies

Matcha Cookies

Yes matcha is great baked goods as well. Flour, matcha powder, sugar, eggs, salt, and white chocolate chips. This is a very simple and delicious way to eat matcha.

12. Matcha pound cake

Matcha Pound Cake

This loaf is beautiful and nutritious. You can enjoy it with coffee and tea or even on the go. You will need a few more ingredients but the basic ones are flour, butter, sugar, eggs, milk, salt, and baking powder. This is a crowd favorite.

13. Matcha green tea mug cake

Matcha green tea mug cake

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Yes you read it right, all you need is some matcha and your favorite mug. This recipe is good for a single serving and so fast. The cake is light and fluffy. You will need flour, matcha powder, baking powder, milk, and a little oil.

14. Matcha ice cream

Matcha Ice Cream

Is a very popular treat in Japan. This is a creamy and refreshing way to enjoy matcha. Please remember to blend the matcha powder very well before adding the rest of the ingredients. You will need matcha powder, salt, sugar, half and half, and milk, or cream.

15. Matcha butter cake

Matcha Butter Cake

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Only looks difficult to make. Believe me, it is a quick and easy recipe that you can make and enjoy for days to come. You will need butter, sugar, salt, matcha powder, vanilla extract, heavy cream, and flour.

As you can see the list can go on and on. There are other ways to bake with matcha like matcha brownies, matcha macarons, matcha cupcakes, cheesecake, and even matcha fudge, and matcha donuts.

Whatever you decide to make keep in mind that when you add matcha to your beverages or baked goods, you are adding taste and health benefits as well.

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